Tryggvi & Berglaug Olafson’s family

The Olafson family in Manitoba (continued)

N.E. 1/4 of 16-8-13 is the location of the Skaholt Cemetery according to “Beneath the Long Grass”, p.4.  The 1911 census of Portage La Prairie Manitoba shows an immigration date of 1886.  At the time of the 1911 census residents in the Olafson home included:Tryggvi, Berglaug, Olafur, Gunnar, Lena, Clary (2), “Dick” Anderson ( a 6 year old female “lodger”) and Fridrika Olafsson. Fridrika, Tryggvi’s Aunt, and his father’s second wife was 70 by this time.

I suspect that “Dick” is actually Dora Anderson who was adopted by Tryggvi and Berglaug around the same time. In support of this, not only does the 1911 census show the child as female (not as male) but the year and month born are the same as Dora’s. (The name Dick is most likely a transcription error as it is quite difficult to read. The Olafsons were enumerated on June 06th-07th. Interestingly enough, Dora is shown as still living with her biological parents on June 07-08th, the days the Anderson information was obtained.

Our amma, Asdis Sophia, does not show on the 1911 census as she had married our afi on March 08 1910 at Glenboro, Manitoba and moved to Alberta with him.

Olena married Kristjan Sveinsson on November 26 1915.  Abigael, also known as Ella” married Jon G.A.Sigurdsson on August 29 1925. Gunnar Johann married Emily “Ella” Johnsson on June 08 1929. Asta died in 1909, Olafur in 1912-both passed away at Glenboro and are interred in the GlenboroCemetery.  I have found no records to show what happened to “Clary” who was 2 at the time of the 1911 census (although I have some theories). Halldora “Dora” married, however, I have found no records to show the date or to whom.