The Olafson Family

Berglaug & Tryggvi-web sizeThe Olafson Family in Manitoba, Canada 

After their arrival in North America, the Olafsons lived in the United States for approximately ten years. Three of their daughters were born in North Dakota. In the late 1800’s, however, the Olafssons left the Dakotas and emigrated to Canada. 

According to an article on the Olafsons in the 1935 Almanack, they were living in the Skaholt District (Fairvalley) of Manitoba “he emigrated to Canada to the Holar district, where his father Olafur Mikael Jonsson had settled..”, …, and took as homestead the S.W.Qu. Sec.16-8-13″. This is supported by the fact that Olafur was born in Skaholt in March of 1894. Asta is also noted as being born in  Manitoba in April of 1892.

The Olafssons are shown as living at (8,13,W) Portage La Prairie in the South Cypress Municipality of Manitoba from 1901-1916 (last released Canadian census).  Our amma, Asdis Sophia may have been confirmed in Portage La Prairie as she would have turned 14 years during the time period the Olafsson family lived there.  Halldora (Dora) remained with the Olafssons and took care of them in their golden years. Tryggvi is noted as being a retired farmer who was living in Glenboro, Manitoba when he passed away on December 09th of 1935.

Berglaug passed away on February 10 1939. Berglaug and Tryggvi are interred together at the Glenboro Cemetery. Following is a excerpt rom an article, in Almanak 1935 written by G.J.Oleson of Glenboro, MB on the pioneer Icelandic settlers of the community of Holar (Hills) in the South Cypress Municipality of Manitoba “Berglaug, born at Flaga in Thistilfjord in 1854, was and excellent and intelligent woman in accordance with her lineage. Tryggvi and Berglaug lost three promising children. They were never well to do financially, yet their home was renowned for its hospitality.