Family of Jon Olafsson & Bergljot Arnadottir

Jon Olafsson was born in Merkigili, Eyjafjord, Iceland about 1789.  According to an article on p.14 in the Goodmans of Markerville (Hilton Rix, 2000) Hilton estimated that Merkigili is located “almost 30km due south of Akureyri..”. Bergljot Arnadottir was also born in Iceland about 1795.  Jon and Bergljot were married on October 06 1818 at Hrafnagil, Eyjafardarsysla, Iceland.

A daughter, Gudrun is said to have been born at Klippstadur, Nordur Mulasysla, Iceland on 14 April 1825.

Svalbard I Thistilfirdi:1827-1888

A son, Olafur Mikael (our paternal second great grandfather) was born to the couple at á Mógili á Svalbarðsstönd Island on the 29th of September 1827. The following day, Olafur was christened at Mogil in Sth.Thingeyyarsysla County. In 1839, at the age of 12, Olafur moved to Thistilfjord with his father.

On the 4th of October of 1857, Olafur married Abigael Jonsdottir at Svalbard I Thistilfirdi in Nordur-Thingeyjarsysla, Iceland.  On July 09th of 1858, a son whom they named Tryggvi was born to the couple,the child was christened the following day.

Abigael was born on May 21 of 1832 and christened on May 25 at Hvarf, Bardardal, Iceland. Abigael passed away about 1859 when Tryggvi was yet an infant.

A few years later, on July 18 of 1864, Olafur married Abigael’s younger sister Fridrika. Olafur and Fridrika  had at least three children together. On the 06th of October of 1867 a son whom they named Oli Fridrik was born to the couple at Svalbard at Thistilfirdi in Nordur Thingeyjarsysla.  A few years later, on June 02nd of 1872, another son was born, the child was named Sigfus.  A daughter was born to the couple on May 05 of 1879 at Kuda, Svalbard in Nordur Thingeyjarsysla.  In 1888, Olafur, Fridrika and their daughter, Abigael emigrated to America aboard the Copeland.