Norway (Norge)

Simonsen Christensen of Nes Akerhus, Norway

Peder Simonsen, our maternal third great grandfather, was born in Norway in approximately 1824.  Peder was a son of Simon Michaelson and (unknown).  On January 06th of 1846, Peder married Christiania Christensen at Nes, Akerhus, Norway (Norway Marriages 1660-1926 M42801-5 Norway EASy Source Film 278168).   Christiania was born in Norway in approximatel 1923, the daughter of Christen Olson and (unknown).

It is our understanding that Christiania and Peder had seven children including our maternal second great grandfather Christian O Pederson. It is not known whether there were other children,  if their children were all born in Norway or whether the family remained in Norway.   We do know, however, that Christian emigrated from Norway to America around 1874.

Maren, our maternal second great grandmother, was also born in Norway. A daughter of Halvor Gulbrandsen and Karen Larsdatter, Maren was born at Nes Romerike, Akershus, Norway on March 06 1853. Parish records show Maren was born in ” Akershus county, Nes, Parish register (official) nr. l7 (1846-1858) Birth and Baptism records women 1853, page 116 Arkivverket Digitalarkivenet”. Maren also emigrated from Norway to America around 1873.

Olsson Kristiansdatter of Nes Akerhus, Norway

Kristoff or Krisvold or Krist Olsson and Karoline Kristiansdatter were married on December 26 1870 at Nes, Akerhus, Norway.

A son of Kristoff and Karoline, Christopher (Chris) Olson, our maternal great grandfather (afi), was born in Kristiania (Oslo) Norway on October 18 of 1876. Our afi was baptized at Nes, Akershus, Norway on December 26th of the same year. Another son, Anton was born at Kongsvinger, Norway (or perhaps at sea) around 1883.

About 1883, Christopher and Carolena and their sons, Christopher and Anton, emigrated from Norway to America. Christopher was barely eight  and his brother Anton was only an infant when they set sail. (Little did Krist and Carolena realize, but their son Christopher was destined to marry a daughter of Christian and Maren in America.)