Family of Einar & Thorborg Eymundsson

Our great grandmother (langömmu) “Johanna” Einarsdottir was a daughter of Einar Eymundsson and Thorbjorg Thorvardarsdottir. Johanna was the fifth born of sixteen (known) children. Einar was the son of Eymundur Eymundsson (born at Ytri-Lon) and Asa Petursdottir (born at Symesi, Moll, Sudar Thingeyjarsysla, Iceland).

Johanna’s father, Einar Eymundsson was born on December 16 1821 at  Fagranesi Langanesi Nordur Þingeyjarsýsla in the northeast region of  Iceland.  Einar was confirmed in Saudanes Parish at age 15. Parish notes state that Einar was “promising, knows something of catechism, reads well, and is unvaccinated”. Einar grew up at Fagranesi and lived at his parents home until he was over 20.

A November 1907 article in  Logberg states “As a young man Einar left his parents’ home to work on the neighbouring holding of Ytra-Lon (Outer Lagoon) on Langanes. At age 21, Einar took a position as hired man at Gunnolfsvik in Finnafjordur (just south of Langanes). In 1843, Einar married Thorbjorg Thorvardurdottir, the 22 year old daughter of the farmer at Gunnolfsvik.  Thorbjorg was born at Grenjadarstadur Parish in Sudar Thingerjarsysla on June 10 1822, her  parents are Thorvardur Gudmundssson and Adalbjorg Johannesdottir.

In 1845 Einar returned home to Fagranes to manage the farm for his widowed mother. Einar farmed on Fraganesi where he and Thorbjorg made their home for the next 38 years at which time they emigrated to the Amerikas (America).