1873-1956:life in three countries

Another son of Sigurdur & Johanna

Einar Thorbjorg Eymundsson, a brother to Thorel, was born in Langanes, Iceland on 17 August 1873, he was christened on September 09th.  Einar was nine years old when he emigrated to the Amerikas (America) with his family.  He turned sixteen only a few years after he emigrated to The Alberta Territories with his mother and siblings. In February of 1916, while living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Einar applied for military service with the 197th Overseas Battalion. On April 16, 1916 Einar was accepted into the 197th Battalion-Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force.

God willing, Einar survived the First World War. After he was discharged, it is believed that Einar lived for about ten years in the United States (his last address there noted as Los Angeles, CA ). Sometime between 1923 and 1956 Einar (also) anglicised his surname from Eymundson to Emerson. In 1933, Einar travelled to Vancouver “with the hope of being employed as a social worker by the Salvation Army.” (The border crossing pass also indicated that Einar came from his “Uncle Erik Eymundson” in Riverton, MB.)

Einar passed away at Shaunessy Hospital in Vancouver, BC on September 12 1956. To the best of our knowledge Einar was never married and had no children.