Our Ancestors Arrival in the United States of America

Pederson Halversdatter – Norwegian American (1873-1874)


Christian O Pederson, our maternal second great grandfather is shown in USA census records as arriving in America, from Norway, in 1874. Our maternal second great grandmother, Maren Andrea Halversdatter is shown as arriving in the United States in 1873. We know that Christian and Maren both lived in Illinois for a time after their arrival in the United States as that is where they were married in 1875.

Christian and Maren Pederson: Marriage Certificate

On the 15th of May in 1875, Christian and Maren were married at Trinity Evan.Lutheran Church in Chicago,     Illinois. (To any Person Legally Authorized to Solmnize Marriage, greeting: 21516 Marriage may be celebrated betweenMr Christian Pedersen of Chicago in the County of Cook and State of Illinois, of the age of 28 years, and Miss Marin Halvorsen of Chicago in the County of Cook and State of Illinois of the age of 23 years. Witness, Hermann Lieb, Clerk of the County Court of said Cook County, and the seal thereof, at my office in Chicago, in said County, this 15th day of May A.D. 1875 (signed) Hermann Lieb – Clerk of the County Court                                                    

State of Illinois, Cook County I John Z Torgenson a Minister of the Church hereby certify that Christian Pederson and Marin Halvorson were united in marriage by me, at 182 Peoria St. Chicago, in the County of Cook and State of Illinois, on the 15th day of May A.D. 1875 (signed) Rev. John Z Torgenson, Minister of Trinity Ev. Luthern Church.)

USA census records (1895,1900, and 1905) show Christian, his wife and family living in Little Black Town, Taylor, Wisconson.  All of the children (except Carrie, their eldest daughter) were born in Wisconsin. The 1900 census record shows Christian, Maren and five of their children: Emma (15), Cinda (14), Olga (9), Fred (6) and Mabel (3) living together at Little Black Town, Taylor, Wisconson.

At that time, Carrie and her husband Chris Olson (our maternal great grandparents) are shown as  boarding at the Dahl residence in the village of Two Harbours  in Lake County, Minnesota. Chris and Carries marriage date, as noted on the census taken on June 01 1900 is 1897. This year concides with their marriage date of October 04 1897. 

 In 1910, Christian, Maren, Olga, Fred and Mable lived inTownship 158, Pierce, North Dakota.  From 1918Christian & Marion Pederson - Carrie J. parents to 1936, Christian and Maren lived at Opportunity, Spokane Valley, Washington, USA..

On the third of February 1936 Christian passed away at his home in Opportunity, he was interred at the Pines Cemetery in the Spokane Valley.  When Maren passed away, in Spokane City, on December 31 of 1941 she was laid to rest beside Christian in Pines Cemetery.

Olsson Kristensdatter – Norwegian American (1883)

About 1883, Kristoff (Chris) and Karolina (Carolena) and their sons, Christopher and Anton, emigrated from Norway to America.  Our maternal great grandfather, Christopher was barely eight and his brother Anton was only an infant when they set sail.

Kristoff and Karoline had at least one other child, a son named Kasper (Casper) who was born in Wisconsin in 1887 (a few years after the  family settled in the United States). The family lived in Little Black, Taylor, Wisconsin from 1895-1910.

It is interesting to note that Canadian Census records for 1881 and 1891 show a Christopher Olson (born in Norway about 1840) working in the Cariboo region fo British Columbia, Canada  as a Blacksmith and Gold Miner. It is not unreasonable to think that this may be our great grandfather as many American residents sought their fortunes in the Cariboo during the Gold Rush. Further research, however, is required to either prove or disprove this theory.

A  June 1912 border crossing paper at Fort Frances, Ontario shows Chris (68), his wife Caroline (also 68), and son Chris (34) travelling from Wisconsin to Buchanan, Saskatchewan.  At that time, Chris and Caroline’s son Anton, his wife Gena Halverson and their twin sons Gilbert and Arthur lived at 33 Mackenzie (36, 8, 2W, 335) in Saskatchewan. Towards the end of June, Kasper joined his family in Buchanan, Saskatchwan (per Fort Frances border Crossing record).

Border crossing records also show Caroline leaving Buchanan, Saskatchewan in 1920 bound for Medford, Wisconsin. A 1927 record shows a Caroline Christensen passing away in Trempeleau County, Wisconsin (unknown if this is our great grandmother).

To date we have not found death or burial records for  our maternal second great grandparents, Caroline and Christopher Olson.

Eymundsson Einarsdottir – Icelandic American (1882)

Around 1882, Sigurdur, Johanna and their family made their way from Canada to the Dakota Territories and settled in Pembina County. The couple’s last child,Thorbjorg Julia (1883-1972) was born in the Dakotas.  In 1886, Sigurdur passed away in the Dakotas (?) leaving Johanna a widow to raise their six children. Our langafi (Great Grandfather) passed away at the young age of 37. It is not known how Sigurdur died, or where his final resting place is.  In 1888, Johanna sold the families ¼ section (160 acres) to her brother, Thorvardur Einarson who farmed the property until he sold it (around 1920).  About 1889, Johanna and her children emigrated to the Alberta Territories in Canada.

In 1883, Johanna’s parents, Einar and Thorbjorg (mikill ömmur okkar) and three their sons also emigrated from Iceland to the United States and settled in the Dakota Territory. They lived in Pembina until 1899, the year of Thorbjorg’s death. Einar later settled with his son Matusalem in Mountain, North Dakota. In 1903, at the age of 82, Einar emigrated to Manitoba in Canada to live with  his daughter Asa Ingebjorg and her family.

Olafsson Gudmundsdottir – Icelandic American (1882)

Our paternal great grandparents,Tryggvi Olafsson (langafi) and Berglaug Gudmundsdottir (langamma) lived in the United States for a time after their emigration from Iceland. About 1882, Berglaug and Tryggvi arrived in  North Dakota where they remained for several years. Three of their daughters (Olena, Abigael and Asdis) were born in the Dakotas. Our amma (Asdis Sophia) was born in Grafton, North Dakota on March 13, 1899. The 1935 Almanack also confirms that Tryggvi lived at Grafton, North Dakota ” where he lived for 10 years and worked at common labour.” Around 1892, the Olafssons emigrated from the Dakotas to Manitoba, Canada.