My Journey to Discover Our Heritage

I was born in Canada, a descendant of Icelandic, Norwegian, and English emigrants who settled in Canada and the United States during the mid to late 1800´s, and early 1900´s.  Thus, I am a native born citizen of Canada, a descendant of pioneers who obtained naturalization after immigration to Canada.

As a young child, I accepted the fact that I was Canadian, or ‘Icelandic Canadian’ as my parents referred to our heritage, without much thought or question. As I matured and learned a little more about our extended family, however, I was left with many unanswered questions and the desire to learn more about our ancestors.

Thus, in my late twenties, with the encouragement of Aunt Iris, I embarked on a personal journey to discover our heritage. A journey which has now spanned almost forty years, and that becomes more fascinating each year. Am I glad I I did!

Over the years, my sisters and I have amassed considerable genealogical information through research and networking with cousin Gwen and others. Although we have an extensive private family tree (OUR FAMILY TREE) on Ancestry.ca this site provides another way, a more public way, to share some of what we have learned about our ancestral heritage with others.

Embark on a Journey to Discover your Heritage               


Myself at the start of my journey to discover our heritage.

Myself at the start of my journey to discover our heritage.