About “Our Heritage” information

Please keep in mind that the genealogical information contained within the different categories of “Our Heritage” shall be expanded on as time allows. To facilitate an earlier site launch date, I have included basic information in each category (American, Canadian, English, Icelandic and Norwegian).

Of course, there is much more information that shall be added. For instance, later their shall be a link from  Gudrun ‘Johanna’ Einarsdottir, our  lang langamma, to another page that will provide information on what we have learned about her parents and siblings (Einarsdottir/Einarsson line). For our langamma, Sophia, there will be a link provided to a page about her parents and siblings, and so on.

This way I shall be able to expand on the lines without having to go back and edit the original pages unless we learn something that leads us to believe the information needs to be edited.