Welcome! Velkomin! Velkommen!

Where did your ancestors emigrate from (Iceland, Norway, England, Scotland, Sweden, or somewhere else)? Where did they immigrate to (Canada, the United States “the Amerikas” or elsewhere)?

Have you ever wondered what led them to leave their homeland, their homes, their people, and in many cases, other family members? Have you considered what challenges they endured before, and after emigration (what they gave up, what they gained)?

As a child, these questions never entered my mind. Nevertheless, as I grew, the little that I learned about my ancestors left endless questions in my mind. Questions that I was determined to find answers to. The Eymundson Family Heritage site is the story of our ancestors and what we have learned about their lives before and after emigration from our ancestral homelands in Iceland, Norway and England.

It is my hope that our story will inspire you to embark on your own journey to discover your heritage.